Take Back Control Of Your Data

Your data should not be left in the hands of Big Tech. Now privacy and control are available at your fingertips. You decide how and when your data is shared with others while staying completely anonymous. Join our waitlist today and take control.


Our Platform

Next generation mobile platform designed to help you unlock your data potential

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    Data Control

    BEN protects your most valuable data. It collects and stores your auto, home, and life data in a secure digital environment. With BEN, you can access, monitor, and control your sensitive information in one convenient place. Businesses and other third parties must request your consent before accessing any of your information, giving you peace of mind.

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    Advanced Protection

    BEN eliminates the risk of personal data exposure. We do not rely on traditional security methods like passwords or biometrics, which are notoriously susceptible to cyber breaches and hacks. Our dynamic security keeps your data anonymous to ensure privacy and operates seamlessly in the background.

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    Ben Rewards

    Your time is valuable. Earn redeemable tokens and personalized giveaways by opting into the BEN ad network. Each offer and recommendation is personally relevant and meaningful to you. You control how many ads you receive and earn redeemable tokens every time you watch or listen.

How it Works

The more data that you collect and control in BEN, the more data value you unlock. Not only will you receive unprecedented identity protection and reward opportunities, but you will also get access to on-demand data insights.

  1. Data gathered from multiple sources
  2. Data anonymized and secured in digital repository
  3. Data sharing and access determined by user
  4. Data-driven rewards and giveaways accessed in privacy-preserving ad network
  5. Ads delivered at the right
    time at the right place
  6. Tokens and giveaways redeemed in-store


Your friends, family, and people in your trusted network can leave audio recommendations at the places they love to visit. You will hear their personal recommendation next time you visit their favorite restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. These audio messages can be left for any business anywhere you go. So next time you’re out and about, you might get some helpful tips along the way.


Special Moments

Special moments should be just that… SPECIAL. Now you can leave your friend or loved one an unexpected birthday, anniversary or graduation audio message to be played at a particular time or situation chosen by you. It might be when they leave their home, when they arrive at work, or around the time they go for their morning coffee. You’ll put a smile on their face bigger than any post on their feed could hope for

Meet the Team

We are a team of tech pioneers, young innovators, and experienced business professionals looking to help people take back control of their data in this increasingly data-driven and data-dependent world

  • 1. Tyler

    Tyler Luck

    President, Chief Product Officer

  • 2. Jim H

    James D. Henderson, Jr.

    Corporate Secretary, General Counsel

  • 1. Bernard P

    Bernard Puckett

    Retired Senior Executive at IBM who held board positions with Dun & Bradstreet, Nielsen, Openwave & IMS Health

  • 2. Paul C

    Paul Chang

    Global Blockchain Lead at IBM

  • 3. Murray A

    Murray Abrams

    Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Capital One

  • 4. Anton M

    Anton Monk

    VP of Business Development & Strategy at Viasat

  • 5. Jonathan C

    Jonathan Cherner

    Principal at Cherner Development Group

  • 7. Mika R

    Mika Romanoff

    Managing Director at Safe Haven Capital Oy

  • 1. Tyler

    Tyler Luck

    President, Chief Product Officer

  • 2. Joe C

    Joe Cohen

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • 3. Rick Howard_

    Rick Howard

    Chief Information & Data Officer

  • 4. Pat N

    Patrick Nunally

    Chief Scientist

  • 5. Gregor Evans

    Gregor Evans

    Director of Marketing & Communications

  • 5. Jim C

    Jim Campanis

    Vice President, BEN Ad Network

  • 1. Tyler

    Tyler Luck

    Tyler Luck is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of BEN. Tyler was born into radio. His father, exposed him to the music and entertainment industry from an early age. In fact, Tyler received his name through a radio contest broadcasted on 89FM in New Zealand. Since then, Tyler has been involved in various successful entertainment endeavours including a highly successful YouTube animation series that has amassed over 200M views. Tyler is leveraging his background to drive critical technology innovations that will deliver lasting solutions to the enduring problems plaguing radio and television today.

  • 4. Pat N

    Patrick Nunally

    Patrick Nunally Ph.D, is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of BEN. Pat is internationally recognized for his innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing and Data Security. He is known as the father of Arbitron’s and Nielson’s portable people meter technology. Patrick was the former head of signal processing for General Dynamics and was the Co-Founder and CTO of Wave Interactive Networks now Wave Systems (NASDAQ:WAVX) and PlayNet Corp. (NASDAQ:PLYT). His accomplishments include being named the IEEE-HKN’s outstanding engineer of the year, has been named an IAE/IEEE Fellow and his technology was awarded a Technical Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.